magnolia international ltd

Magnolia is the name of a Content Management Software (CMS) that was originally  developed by Obinary Ltd., a privatly held Swiss software company. Obinary first released its Open-Source "Magnolia Content Management" on November 15th, 2003.

Magnolia quickly became the CMS of choice for new Content Management installations based on JSR-170 and Java. Due to its enterprise architecture, its use of standards (like JSR-170) and its easy-to-use web-interface, it is now used around the world in several thousand installations.

Magnolia Organization, a 100% daughter of Obinary, was handling legal aspects of the source code, as well as partnerships, certifications etc. while Obinary was selling services around Magnolia and creating commercial applications centered around content management.

In Summer 2006, Obinary has changed its company name to "Magnolia International Ltd." to reflect that its business is now solely based on services and license sales of its commercial Magnolia products.

In 2007, Magnolia International founded subsidiaries in Spain and the USA.